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Last Wild Salmon, A

Country Available: Canada, USA

The spectacular odyssey of a Pacific Salmon, from egg to extinction. A saga of raw nature which thrills the emotions and breaks your heart.

This commentary follows the life of a Pacific Salmon, underwater all the way, as it survives against impossible odds, battling natural and human forces. The program begins with one of Nature's most astonishing performances the ancient spawning ritual and follows each step of development in the salmon's life. Nature dictates that the female and all her generations return to their natal stream to breed, commit their genes to eternity, and then die.

A Last Wild Salmon portrays the life and the truth of a Pacific Northwest salmon as accurately as possible. It features a run of salmon which has become extinct. Literally thousands of streams which bore salmon just a hundred years ago, no longer do so. While man is part of the gauntlet Nature planned for the salmon, today our numbers and our greed are compromising their very survival. What we must do, is our level enlightened best to preserve the salmon we have left and all they mean to us.

Strong salmon runs are indicators of a healthy environment in which we also must survive. As go the salmon, so, ultimately, may go we!

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