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Cuba. A great and mysterious island in the Caribbean Sea. Like most of the western hemisphere, it was profoundly affected by european exploration. In the 1500s, Cuba was a base for the Spanish-a harbour for their treasure ships. By the 18th century, sugar plantations had developed rapidly, and the native Indians were decimated through ill-treatment and disease. West African slaves were brought in and with them the music, dance, language and religion of African culture. It was the birth of Afrocubanismo! and Cuba became the musical filter from which Reggae, Samba in Brazil, Latin Salsa, the Blues, Jazz and even Gospel originated. Through interviews with Cuban artists and scholars, archival photos and live concert performances, we explore the phenomenon of Afrocubanismo! View a printer friendly version of this page...Copyright Date: 1995 Length: 53 minutes Formats Available:
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