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Shooting For Change

Country Available: Canada, USA

Plagued by a reputation for gun violence and drugs, Regent Park, a community in downtown Toronto, decides to fight back using an unusual weapon. The youth of Toronto’s infamous neighbourhood of Regent Park are used to being labeled and having others making decisions for them. But through a unique film-making project, they’ve been able to take control of their lives to redefine their place in the world.

11 year old Nicholas faced bullying at school – now he’s one of the most popular kids in the neighbourhood.

12 year old Josneara felt pressured by her peers regarding her Muslim heritage – now she’s developed a strong sense of identity.

21 year old Tyrone watched his friends die from gun violence as a teen – now he’s working as a mentor to younger kids.

Supporting these young people - and many more is Adonis, the director of the media program. He’s spent the last 10 years helping Regent Park to take control of its own image, tell its own stories, and become an agent for change.

Adonis and his team know that the camera is mightier than the sword.

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