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Great American Authors Since 1650

Country Available: Canada

Presented by Jane Kaczmarek, this series explores the rich, literary tradition of American storytelling from the first colonists of the 17th century, to a small cadre of brilliant, 19th century New England writers who defined the unique American experience, to the writers of the 20th century, speaking out against war, poverty, racism and alienation.

Featuring such greats as Poe, Dickenson, Twain, Alcott, Hemingway, Wolfe, Steinbeck, Vonnegut and Morrison, this eight part series presents the lives and literary output of over 60 of America's most read authors. Each author is presented in concise, stand-alone clips, in chronological order.
Includes: Teacher's Guide, Blackline Master Quiz, Timeline Graphics; Reading Lists, Closed Captioned

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     DVD 1: 1. 1650-1845; 2. 1846-1855  Canada
     DVD 2: 3. 1856-1906; 4. 1907-1925  Canada
     DVD 3: 5. 1926-1939; 6. 1940-1949  Canada
     DVD 4: 7. 1950-1957; 8. 1958-Present  Canada