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Fanfan et les extra-terrestres / Fanfan and the aliens

Country Available: Canada, USA

Following the hit of her first DVD, Le Coeur du Singe, talented performer, Anne Glover gives audiences another entertaining story, Fanfan et les extraterrestres. Anne regales us with the story of her little brother who has many excuses for not going to sleep. Along the way, the audience learns more French, a handful of string figures, and some sign language. Anne’s natural, engaging manner and her uncanny portrayal of the characters make this program as entertaining as it is educational. Fanfan et les extraterrestres takes a playful look at family dynamics with humour and empathy. It is excellent for the following educational settings:

FSL (“Basic French”) – The audience does not need any knowledge of French to follow the program, and will quickly learn a wide range of vocabulary, grammatical structures, and communication skills.
English Language Arts – Learn about storytelling and effective communication; discuss family relationships, humour, and empathy.
French Immersion – The story and string figure sections are presented entirely in French, with bilingual options if desired for younger classes, or for Late French Immersion.
Francophone Programs and advanced students of French – Teachers can select the chapters that are all-French. The string figures and the story are presented in all-French versions. Chapter 22 contains the entire story, delightfully all in French.

Chaptered DVD, formatted for 4 or 5 lesson segments English and French with some ASL (Sign Language); Includes Teachers’ Study Guide and 22 page Student Workbook.

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