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M Word, The

Country Available: Canada, USA


Canada is the only country in the world that is constitutionally multicultural. Many Canadians think that this principle, after more than three decades, is well entrenched. Yet, at the first sign of disquiet, our Multiculturalism policy is called into question.

The M Word examines  the history and the issues behind Canada's  Multiculturalism policy through archival film footage, newspaper articles and official documents as well as present day interviews with students, scholars, journalists, activists and lawyers.

Important areas covered include:
Immigration and Canada's Nation Building  Rise of Quebec Nationalism and the Royal Commission •  Multiculturalism designed in a Bi-Cultural Framework  Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms The Three Great Waves of Immigration in Canada, and their criteria Residential Schools and their effect on First Nations Culture  Chinese Railroad Workers  Head Tax  "Continuous Journey Regulation of 1908"  Pier 21 Japanese Internment  Slavery in Canada  Treatment of "Visible Majority" immigrants to 1970's  • "Visible Minority" •  Post 911  Reasonable Accommodation

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