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Tears and Triumphs, Series 1

Country Available: Canada, USA
In this series, Tears and Triumphs will highlight some of the many aboriginal athletes participating in sport and sport development Waneek Horn Miller, Billy Mills, Ron Delorme, Richard Peter, Carey Price, Alwyn Morris and Wacey Rabbit to many athletes playing in community and recreational level sports. Indigenous athletes are participating in everything from hockey to skiing, to figure skating and wrestling. We will showcase traditional sports and celebrate past aboriginal sports legends. Tears and Triumphs will also attend aboriginal sporting events: the North American Indigenous Games know as "Indian Olympics", the All Native Basketball Tournament and Arctic Winter Games. View a printer friendly version of this page...Copyright Date: 2007 Formats Available:
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     01. North American Indigenous Games (NAIG 1)  Canada, USA
     02. North American Indigenous Games (NAIG 2)  Canada, USA
     03 Aboriginal Sports Programs.  Canada, USA
     04. Gaining Momentum: The Arctic Winter Games  Canada, USA
     05. Hockey  Canada, USA
     06. Karate and Kickboxing  Canada, USA
     07. Bobsledding and Wrestling  Canada, USA
     08. Figure Skating and Curling  Canada, USA
     09. Basketball: The 2007 All-Native Basketball Tournament  Canada, USA
     10. Snowboarding and Diving  Canada, USA
     11. Northern Sports: Old and New  Canada, USA
     12. Aboriginal Legends of Sport  Canada, USA
     13. Where Do We Go From Here?  Canada, USA