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Ballet Victoria: A Leap of Faith

Country Available: Canada, USA

Within the often-difficult struggle of keeping professional ballet alive is where the drama of this documentary is played out. Ballet requires all who fall under its spell to gladly give whatever it takes in order to present the gift of ballet to an audience. According to Karen Kain its no easy task, even the National Ballet of Canada, the standard bearer of ballet in Canada itself struggles with finances.

The art of performance is hard enough to master but it's usually money, or lack of it that is the culprit, success or failure being measured by it. However when a community is in love with an idea, believes it can support a professional ballet company, when the artists are available and willing, when the right person appears to lead it artistically, when it finds friends in high places and when ordinary people start to put in the sweat equity - it can happen. Once in a while all the pieces are there - Victoria, a small city, appears to be ready, willing and able with Ballet Victoria.

Ballet Victoria is currently in its fifth year of operations, struggling to stay alive; nothing that any professional ballet company in Canada doesn't already know all about. Although nothing is guaranteed in this business the prospects are looking good.

Why is this all so important? Answer; art is supposed to evoke change. Most intelligent people would prefer that this is for the betterment of humanity. But can art really make a difference? Would you believe, for instance, that it can melt racism? We asked Esquimalt Fist Nations dancers that question. The answer, yes it can, and has. Imagine First Nations dancers in a ballet, to some sacrilege, to others, like Karen Kain, its innovation. All brought to the stage of Ballet Victoria.

This is a story on how a young artistic troupe stays alive in our economic times, the joys and hardships of keeping alive an artistic dream. Its an old story really, one that requires cooperative effort, a story of dependence, benefits, and of the never ending highs and lows - a classic love story and a business model to be studied as well.

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