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Make Some Noise

Country Available: Canada, USA

Activism and Advocacy

Gemini Award ,Best Children’s or Youth Non-Fiction Program or Series.

Welcome to a revolutionary (literally) new documentary series shouting out stories of young people fighting for the good of this planet and its 6 billion tenants.

Make Some Noise is a show about people with abnormally large hearts and big-time guts. About people tired of hearing how crappy the world is, and who are actually doing something to change it. People who know how beautiful this world is and who are fighting to make sure it stays that way.

Tyler Bradley makes a snowboard wax that's smoother for the planet. The Future Group risks their lives going undercover to expose the sex trade in Southeast Asia. Eva Vertes searches for a cure for cancer.

Along with 30 other activists, ninjas, eco-warriors, shit-disturbers, politicos, jedi knights, musicians, artists, filmmakers, freedom-fighters, tree-huggers, culture-jammers, idealists, dreamers: these are the stories of young Canadian human beings using their heads and hearts and bodies to better this planet and its 6 billion+ tenants.

Add hot tracks from some of Canada's best and fastest-rising bands.

And you've got Make Some Noise, perfect for classroom use by students and teachers wishing to ‘Make Some Noise’.

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  • Youth
  • Social Justice
  • Global Citizenship
  • Social Studies
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  • DVD
  • Title Availability
     01. Activism is Everywhere  Canada, USA
     02. Fight for Change  Canada, USA
     03. Indifference is Deadly  Canada, USA
     04. Simple Things  Canada, USA
     05. Dream High  Canada, USA
     06. Beyond Our Borders  Canada, USA
     07. Size Doesn't Matter  Canada, USA
     08. Reinventing History  Canada, USA
     09. Keeping it Real  Canada, USA
     10. Break the Mould  Canada, USA
     11. Open Spaces  Canada, USA
     12. On the Front Line  Canada, USA
     13. Best Of  Canada, USA