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Namaste Yoga designed by Kate Potter Series 1

Country Available: Canada, USA
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  • Yoga is a living, breathing, changing tradition, taking root again and again, while spreading its branches in myriad forms.  In Namaste, Kate Potter has developed her own new tradition, freeing the body to move in grace by making use of what she calls ‘Breath/Body Links’.

    ‘Hatha Vinyasa’, the style of Yoga upon which Namaste is based, means ‘moving with breath’.  The breath is the guide and the body follows in time.  In Namaste Kate begins each teaching with a link at heart center and adds poses sequentially.  After each new addition we return to heart center and the link, beginning the sequence again.  Breathing along with the music, written to the rhythm of Kate’s own breath, the body learns the sequence almost effortlessly. Both challenging and gentle, the sequences flow to the expert guidance of Kate’s calming voice. Breathtaking photography, hypnotic music and talented Yogis all give Namaste its elegant, irresistible charm and make it unlike any other yoga program.   The physical practice of Yoga is a prelude to meditation, clearing the mind, body and heart.

    Kate Potter has passionately devoted herself to Yoga since she was ten years old. Today that unwavering commitment and focus have earned her an extensive and growing reputation as an innovative and inspirational Hatha Yoga teacher.

    She has done Advanced Studies with prominent American teachers Rodney Yee, Richard Miller, Georg Feuerstein, Kali Ray and Mukunda Stiles, and is a certified Yoga teacher and Yoga Therapist

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