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Country Available: Canada

The most powerful geologic force on the planet - glaciers. Glaciers can dominate an entire continent ... Can reshape a continent's surface features in the blink of a geologic eye ... All the spectacular mountain peaks that inspire us have been shaped by glaciers. Includes interviews with leading glacial experts from around the country.


* Introduction - Places glaciers among the Earth's geological forces
* Glaciers Past and Present - Distribution and makeup of glaciers today and past Ice Ages
* Glacier Dynamics - Describes how glaciers grow and shrink
* Mountain Glacier Formations - Includes such striking features as cirques and hanging lakes
* Continental Glacier Formations - Includes moraines, drumlins and striations
* Glaciers and Climate Change - Shows how glaciers are the most important geologic factor in climate change

Supplementals: Closed Captioned, Spanish Subtitles, Printable Graphics, Educator's Guide, Blackline Master Quiz, Maps

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