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Across The Atlantic

Country Available: Canada, USA

ACROSS THE ATLANTIC traces the experiences of Dutch immigrants who came to Canada in post-World War II. Through interviews with three generations of Dutch immigrants, this film explores the motivations behind migration, the challenges faced in their first years in Canada, and the impact this migration had on their future lives and families.

With the aid of historical film footage, the experience of crossing the Atlantic and landing in Canada is explored, highlighting Pier 21, in Halifax Nova Scotia, as a landing site for many from the Netherlands.

Colored by the personal stories of Dutch immigrants, the challenges faced in establishing a new way of life, earning a living, and establishing a family home, are explored.

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ACROSS THE ATLANTIC contains historical film footage and photos from the 1940s, '50s and '60s. Included are Holland-America Line's steam ships: Volendam, Groote Beer, Sibajak, Kota Inten, Maasdam, Waterman and Rijndam. Also Polygoon newsreels of Dutch immigrants passing customs, boarding and departing in Rotterdam, arrival and customs procedures in Canada, Canadian armed forces liberating the Netherlands, and more.

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