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Mystery of the Toxic Swans

Country Available: Canada, USA

For nine winters in a row a deadly poison has been killing wild trumpeter swans of the West Coast. Forensic investigators confirm more than 21 hundred have died from eating lead shotgun pellets, but they're having trouble proving where the birds find and eat the heavy metal. Wildlife biologists mount a rescue mission, chasing swans away from a toxic trap along the Canada-US border, trying to save lives and solve a forensic mystery.

This film follows a team of wildlife biologists as they search for toxic hot zones. They haze the swans - firing bird bangers and laser beams, chasing them to scare them away from the suspect lake, trying their best to prevent another massive die-off. This is a documentary that flies with the swans using a state-of-the-art Cineflex helicopter mount with a High Definition camera to capture spectacular aerial migration footage. It follows scientists over tow long winters in their urgent quest to save trumpeter swans from a horrible death. Traditional hand-drawn cel animation from Marv Newland and his International Rocetship team is used to illustrate the near-extinciton story, the radio tracking experiment and the forensic investigation.

View a printer friendly version of this page...Copyright Date: 2008 Length: 48 minutes Formats Available:
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