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Tribal Journey: Paddle to Qwut?sun

Country Available: Canada, USA

This moving documentary follows the canoe journey of the northern coast tribes from Vancouver Island and the central coast of British Columbia down the inside passage of Vancouver Island. Tribal Journeys is an annual event that brings hundreds of people together to celebrate and honour the traditional customs of their sea faring ancestors as they paddle the same ancient waterways. Paddle to Qwut?sun marks the 19th anniversary of the Tribal Journeys and is also the biggest one yet. Canoes and pullers from the four directions paddle to their final landing in Cowichan Bay to help kick off the 2008 North American Indigenous Games. Along the way the journey stops in many communities to feast, share in song , dance and storytelling. The viewer will see more and more canoes join the journey as it progresses and witness the transformation of the pullers. The program focuses on four individuals from different communities as they embark on a personal journey of healing, grieving, and soul searching.

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  • DVD