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Miywayawin, Season 2, DVD 4

Country Available: Canada, USA

Program 1 – Black Mould – Black mould is a serious health concern and many reserve homes are contracting black mold through various circumstances, including poor ventilation, oved-crowding and water damage.  Carrie speaks to Vince Genereaux about these concerns and learns what is being done to prevent further damage.  Later, she meets with a mould remediation expert who explains how a home is treated for mould spoor damage.

Program 2 – Clean Water – Clean water in Aboriginal communities is an on-going issue.  Many remain under boil water advisory.  Carrie  speaks with a toxicologist, water treatment plant operators and band chiefs and councilors.  Together, they discuss the causes of this crisis and strategies to ensure that communities have access to clean water.

Program 3 – STD’s – Young people often find it difficult to ask for information in regards to STD’s and STI’s.  Carrie discusses with Dr. Dan Ragoush of the White Buffalo Healing Lodge, the ypes of STI’s, their symptoms, if they are curable and how to practice prevention.  Later, she meets with a team of out-reach workers who take their knowledge to the street level through various out-reach programs within the community.

Program 4- Hepatitis C – Hepatitis C is a growing issue in Indian country and ti directly reflects lifestyle choices.  Carrie visits with Dr. Peter Butt, who explains how Hepatitis C is spread through either intravenous or sexual contact.  Later she meets with a young woman who shares her story of living with Hepatitis C and the health implications she encounters on a daily basis.  Carrie meets with professionals from the SHARP Harm Reduction Program.  The discuss various strategies related to harm reduction, including needle exchange and condom distribution programs, as well as the use of elders for cultural and spiritual healinig.

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  • General Interest
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  • Grades 7-12
  • Post-Secondary Education
  • Subjects:
  • Aboriginal Studies
  • Health
  • Personal Growth
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  • DVD
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