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Learning American Sign Language

Country Available: Canada, USA
This program enables the viewer to properly make 175 signs to a commonly used language in less than one month. With the example of popular Bryan Adams song “Vanishing” as an example, the viewer will learn many basics of American Sign Language and come to appreciate many flowing subtleties not evident in books.

This 30-minute program contains seven sections:

A brief introduction to American Sign Language;
Alphabet finger spelling;
120 words, signed alphabetically for quick reference;
37 English phrases translated and signed in order of the song;
Shadow sign with Nigel, as he signs the song;
The visuals of the song to promote signing practice;
A new way to communicate in many situations with family, children and deaf friends!

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  • Children
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  • Family
  • General Interest
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  • Primary (K-6)
  • Junior High (7-9)
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