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Inherit the Earth

Country Available: Canada, USA
On September 22, 1995, the Ouje Bougoumou Cree were bestowed with the United Nations Award for being one of the 50 exemplary communities of the world. Just eight years previous, these same people were poverty stricken squatters who had lived for decades in shacks and tents scattered along road allowances in the Chibougamau area of Northern Quebec.

What was the formula to their success? How did these Cree win their gritty fight for both recognition as a band and the land to create a reserve? Inherit the Earth will set forth the details, the personalities and the timing of this historic achievement as we meet the soft spoken chief, Abel Bossum; the non-native advisor, Paul Wertman; the Pentecostal minister, Enoch Hall and the renowned Canadian architect, Douglas Cardinal.

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