Delivering Educational and Informative VHS and DVD's

Browse the Catalogue:

At Filmwest, we have an extremely large collection of educational videos - more than 1,300 titles! To make it easier to find the title you're looking for, we have created four ways to browse our catalogue:

  1. Browse by subject: Each title in our collection has been sorted into one or more relevant subject areas.
  2. Browse by title: You can use this search page much as you would an index to a print catalogue. Use this page if you are unsure of the exact spelling of a title or a series.
  3. Browse DVD titles: This is similar to "Browse by title," except that only titles available on DVD are listed.
  4. Browse by series: If you want to see all the titles in a particular series, use this option. Be aware that titles not associated with a series (single tape/DVD programs) are not listed here.

Another effective way to track down specific information on a title is the keyword search. To use this feature, click the "Search" button on the button bar.

You can request a print version of our catalogue by using our catalogue request form. This catalogue contains ordering and pricing information. You can also download the print catalogue in PDF form by using Filmwest Interactive.