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Title Country Available
Sounds Like a Revolution Canada, USA
Sounds Like a Revolution: Director's Cut Canada, USA
At The Green Line Canada, USA
Festival of Sacrifice Canada, USA
Marketing The Message Canada, USA
Polygamy's Lost Boys Canada, USA
Victims of Victims: Fire and Water Canada, USA
Chaos, Chords, and Karma Canada, USA
Geometry of Love, The Canada, USA
From the series Healing and the Mind:
     DVD 1
     DVD 2
     DVD 3
Home to Tibet Canada, USA
Inherit the Earth Canada, USA
Leaving Bountiful Canada, USA
Marie's Story Canada, USA
People of Sointula, The Canada, USA
From the series Quiet Mind:
     Christian Meditation: The Light Within
     Hatha Yoga: Return to the Wholeness
     Healing Qigong: Restoring Natural Harmony
     Metta Meditation: Opening the Heart
     Miksang Photography: Opening the Good Eye
     Zen Buddhism: Chop Wood, Carry Water
Canada, USA
From the series Quiet Places:
     Buddhist Retreat
     Kabbalah Retreat
     Silent Retreat
     Sweatlodge Ceremony
     Tai Chi Retreat
Canada, USA
Sweatlodge Ceremony Canada, USA
Thoth DVD Canada
Veils Uncovered Canada, USA
Without God: A Humanist's Personal Story Canada, USA