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Core Astronomy Canada
Celestial Matter, The Canada, USA
From the series Cosmic Highway Series 1:
     01. Return to the Red Planet
     02. Target Earth
     03. At Home in the Galactic City
     04. Pluto’s Problems
     05. The Twin Hearts of Andromeda
     06. Nurseries in the Sky
     07. Venus Unveiled
     08. Dark Matters
     09. Taking the Sun’s Pulse
     10. The Comet Hunters
     11. Monsters in the Middle
     12. Scaling the Universe
     13. Is Anybody Out There?
Canada, USA
From the series Cosmic Highway Series 2:
     14. The Stars of Atlantis
     15. Destination Saturn
     16. Any Sign of the Zodiac?
     17. Zero Hour at Greenwich
     18. Galileo Lives!
     19. The Taurus Incident
     20. Desperately Seeking Planets
     21. Mysteries of the Megaliths
     22. Hubble's Universe
     23. Warming up to Jupiter
     24. Have Telescope, Will Travel
     25. Skies of the Feathered Serpent
     26. Mad About Mars
Canada, USA
From the series Heads Up!:
     01. How Do I Become an Astronaut?
     02. When Can I Go To Mars?
     03. Why Is the Sun Hot?
     04. Why Do Stars Twinkle?
     05. Where's Our Place In Space?
     06. Why Are Planets Round?
     07. How Do We Get Around In Space?
     08. Why Do Comets Have Tails?
     09. What Are Shooting Stars?
     10. Is Earth The Only World With Water?
     11. Why Do Planets Have Rings?
     12. How Cold Is Pluto?
     13. Is Anyone Out There?
From the series Heads Up! series 2:
     01. How Far Can We Go In Space?
     02. How Big Is The Earth?
     03. Is There Life On Other Worlds?
     04. What Happens When You Fall Into A Black Hole?
     05. How Does The Earth Move?
     06. Where Is The Centre Of The Universe?
     07. Do UFO's Really Exist?
     08. When Are We Going Back To The Moon?
     09. Where Do Stars Come From?
     10. How Can I Explore Space Now?
     11. When Can We take Holidays In Space?
     12. How Do You Drive A Space Robot?
     13. Do Other Planets Have Weather?
From the series Heads Up! series 3:
     01. Why Do Tornadoes Do So Much Damage?
     02. What Is A Dwarf Planet?
     03. When Will The Next Asteroid Hit The Earth?
     04. How Fast Can We Go On The Ground?
     05. How Fast Can We Go In The Air?
     06. What s Happening To The Glaciers?
     07. What Will Cars Look Like In The Future?
     08. What Causes Earthquakes?
     09.What Makes A Volcano Erupt?
     10. What s The Weather Like In Space?
     11. Do Killer Whales Really Kill?
     12. What s At The Bottom Of The Ocean?
     13. What Is The Universe Made Of?
From the series Saturn's Eyes: Taking the Planet's Pulse:
     1. Coming of the Orbital Age
     2. Our Changing Planet
Canada, USA
From the series System Crash:
     1. Maxed Out Grid
     2. Break and Enter
     3. Motion Control
     4. Wired Planet
Canada, USA