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Title Country Available
Circumpolar Bears Canada, USA
Mystery of the Toxic Swans Canada, USA
From the series Adventures in Parenting (DVD):
     Adventures in Parenting: 03. Your Childs Body
Canada, USA
Alexandra's Echo Canada, USA
From the series Body Atlas DVD:
     Body Atlas DVD 1: In the Womb, Glands and Hormones
     Body Atlas DVD 2: Muscle and Bone, Breath of Life
     Body Atlas DVD 3: Skin, The Food Machine, Taste and Smell
     Body Atlas DVD 4: Visual Reality, Defend and Repair, Sex
     Body Atlas DVD 5: The Human Pump, Now Hear This, The Brain
Bushmeat Canada, USA
From the series Core Biology:
     Core Biology - Animal Sciences
     Core Biology - Environmental Sciences
     Core Biology - Microbiology and Genetics
     Core Biology - Plant Sciences
Cow at My Table, A Canada, USA
Crocophiles Canada, USA
Discovering Wildness Canada, USA
Kenya: Living Mosaic Canada, USA
La Vie Secrète Des Papillons (The Secret Lives of Butterflies) Canada, USA
From the series Mysterious Human Heart, The:
     Program 1: Endlessly Beating
     Program 2: The Spark of Life
     Program 3: The Silent Killer
Nomads of the Yukon Canada, USA
Plant Gods, The? Canada, USA
Project Cougar Canada, USA
Return of the Peregrine Canada, USA
Secret Lives of Butterflies, The Canada, USA
From the series Treasures of the Wild:
     01. Arctic Delta
     02. The Desert Springs to Life
     03. Haunt of the Barred Owl
     04. Island of the Kings
     05. Journey to Baja
     06. Mirror of the Forest
     07. Polar Oasis
     08. Valley of the Hoodoos
     09. Denali: Land of the High One
     10. Bamfield: Where Sea Meets Land
     11. Beaverhill Lake: A Bird’s Paradise
     12. Adams River Sockeye
     13. Prince Albert National Park
Canada, USA
From the series Wild Encounters:
     01. Below the Jagged Peaks
     02. Bison: Beyond the Great River
     03. Caribou: Ghost of the North
     04. Cougar: Elusive Predator
     05. Coyote: Prairie Survivor
     06. Fish Raptors: Bald Eagle & Osprey
     07. Grizzly: Monarch of the Wilderness
     08. Moose: Antlered Giant
     09. Mountain Goat: Lord of the High Country
     10. Polar Bear: Waiting for the Ice
     11. Tale of the Beaver
     12. Wolves & Wapiti
     13. World of Weasels
Canada, USA
From the series Wild Encounters DVD:
     DVD 1: Grizzly Bear, Dall Sheep
     DVD 2: Cougar, Bison
     DVD 3: Beaver, Moose
     DVD 4: Wolves, Caribou
Canada, USA