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From the series Acorn the Nature Nut:
     DVD 01. Birds and Bats
     DVD 02: Nature's Habitat
     DVD 03: Nature Changing With the Seasons
     DVD 04: Reptiles and Amphibians
     DVD 05: Caterpillars, Butterflies and Moths
     DVD 06: Bugs I
     DVD 07: Bugs II
     DVD 08: Gooey, Edible and Scary!
     DVD 09: Classroom Pets
     DVD 10: Yikes!
     DVD 11: The Fab Four
Canada, USA
From the series Listening to Learn:
     01. Ear Ye, Ear Ye
     02. Eardrum-Hum: Exploring the Health of Hearing
     03. Ear Responsible
     04. Ear and Now
Listening to Learn DVD Canada
From the series On the Farm:
     On the Farm: 01. Summer on the Farm 1
     On the Farm: 02. Summer on the Farm 2
     On the Farm: 03. Winter on the Farm
     On the Farm: 04. Problem Solving on the Farm
     On the Farm: 05. Everyday is Earth Day on the Farm
Canada, USA
From the series Wild Files:
     01. Feather of Hope
     02. Tale of the Giant Beaver
     03. You say Buffalo, I Say Bison
     04. Arachnophobia on the Loose
     05. You Go, Caribou!
     06. Just Can't Bear It
     07. Owl for One, One for Owl!
     08. The Frog who Would Be Prince
     09. Lair of the Tiger
     10. Big Ol' Moose
     11. Hare We Go!
     12. Lone Wolf
     13. Strong as a Muskox
Canada, USA