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Magical Mystery Cures Canada, USA
From the series Chasing the Cure:
     Dr. Brenda Gallie: Woman of Vision
     Dr. Brett Finlay: Man Against Microbe
     Dr. Freda Miller: Biology of Hope
     Dr. Michael Hayden: A Passion for Discovery
From the series Healing and the Mind:
     DVD 1
     DVD 2
     DVD 3
From the series Human Body:
     Cardiovascular System
     Digestive and Renal System
     Muscular System
     Nervous System
     Reproductive System
     Respiratory System
     Sensory System
     Skeletal System
From the series Skin Deep:
     Bilateral Artificial Eye Fitting
     Bow Correction & Leg Extensions
     Cleft Palate Reconstruction
     Double Mastectomy and Breast Reconstruction
     Endoscopic Laser Resurfacing
     Eyelid Surgery
     Hand Reconstruction
     Jaw Reconstruction / Male Breast Reduction
     Laser Resurfacing / Acupuncture
     Scalp Reconstruction
Canada, USA