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From the series All About Directions:
     01. Go Left, Right Here!
     02. Learn West and You'll Know the Rest
     03. Clockwise Counter-clockwise
     04. Directions: Take Some, Give Some
Children in Kenya: Under One Sky Canada
From the series Children of the World:
     Hong Kong
     Puerto Rico
From the series Did You Ever Wonder?:
     01. Chocolate Bars
     02. Cars
     03. Airplanes
     04. Model Trains
     05. Steel & Washing Machines
     06. Conservation
     07. Television Production & Pencils
     08. Paper
     09. Combines & Cereal
Dig Hole. Build House. Canada, USA
Jirohachi Canada, USA
From the series Mentors (Season 3):
     37: Remembrance Day
Canada, USA
From the series On the Farm:
     On the Farm: 01. Summer on the Farm 1
     On the Farm: 02. Summer on the Farm 2
     On the Farm: 03. Winter on the Farm
     On the Farm: 04. Problem Solving on the Farm
     On the Farm: 05. Everyday is Earth Day on the Farm
Canada, USA
From the series Pen Pals:
     India: My World Calcutta
     Nepal: Letter from Jampaling
     Philippines: The Street Where Prescilla Lives
     Thailand: Rim Nam, Rim Khlong