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Gourmet Butcher, The: From Farm to Table Canada, USA
Dads Who Fought Back Canada, USA
Fatherhood Dreams Canada, USA
How To Divorce and Not Wreck The Kids Canada, USA
Recipe Diaries Canada, USA
From the series Gift of Self-Esteem:
     13. Parenting
Canada, USA
From the series Shopping Bags:
     01. Video Cameras, Dog Food, Radiance Makeup and Getting a Discount
     02. Teeth-Whitening, Treadmills, Self-Tanners and Taking It Back
     03. Bottled Water, Stain Removers, Travel Deals and Airline Upgrades
     04. Perfume, On-line Grocers, Laptop Computers and Avoiding the Upsell
     05. Nail Polish, Energy Bars, Hybrid Cars and Negotiating a Car Purchase
     06. Bras, Sleeping Bags, Organic Food and Getting a Taste
     07. Digital Cameras, Running Shoes, Wine and Returning Wine
     08. Sunglasses, Bread, Diamonds and Paying Cash
     09. MP3 Players, Educational Toys, Toy Marketing and Returning Toys
     10. Mascara, PDAs, Baby Food and Taxis
     11. Car Tires, Hair Spray, Room Scents and Teen Shopping
     12. Lipstick, Golf Clubs, Razors and Making a Complaint
     13. Sofas, Shampoo, Diapers and Gift Certificates
     14. Shoes, Cell Phones, Paint and Hotel Room Rates
     15. Power Tools, Exercise Gizmos, Tampons and Spa Etiquette
     16. All Weather Jackets, Hair Colour, Toothbrushes and Male/Female Shoppers
     17. Pantyhose, Natural Cold Remedies, Microwave Ovens and Professional Mystery Shoppers
     18. Snowboards, Cellulite Cream, Olive Oil and Hiring a Mechanic
     19. Pots & Pans, Potato Chips, Flowers and Ordering Flowers
     20. Mattresses, Men's Underwear, Chocolate and Gym Memberships
     21. Deoderant, Mountain Bikes, Coffee and Hiring a Nanny
     22. Strollers, Hiking Boots and Pricing Inaccuracies
     23. Toilet Paper, Sunscreen, Dogs and Pet Stores
     24. Wedding Dresses, Hair Removal, Laundry Detergent and Hotel Rooms - Clean
     25. Barbecues, Soap, Batteries and Parking Tickets
     26. Wrinkle Cream, Champagne, House Inspections and Negotiating a Mortgage
Canada, USA
From the series Shopping Bags: Themes for Classrooms on DVD:
     Consumer Smarts 1
     Consumer Smarts 2
     Value in Products 1: Technology
     Value in Products 2: Recreation
     Value in Products 3: Health and Personal Care
     Value in Products 4: Home / Garden
     Value in Products 5: Food
Canada, USA
From the series You, Me, and the Kids, the Teen Years (DVD):
     Gender Issues and Teen Relationships
     Life Skills
     Self Worth
     Substance Abuse
Canada, USA
From the series You, Me, and the Kids: The Preteen Years (DVD):
     Life Challenges
     You and the World
Canada, USA