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Title Country Available
Bilaal: Yes We Can Canada, USA
Breakout! The Power of One Canada, USA
Scrabble Rabble: The Game of Life Canada, USA
Shift Focus Canada, USA
Animania Canada, USA
Anime Uncovered Canada, USA
Anita's Africa Canada, USA
Bully's Mark, The Canada, USA
Dads Who Fought Back Canada, USA
Fatherhood Dreams Canada, USA
From Russia For Love Canada, USA
How To Divorce and Not Wreck The Kids Canada, USA
My Different Life Canada
Raven Tales: How Raven Stole the Sun Canada
Raven Tales: Raven And The First People Canada, USA
Shooting For Change Canada, USA
Two Winters: Tales from Above the Earth Canada, USA
Vy's Vietnam Canada, USA
From the series All About Directions:
     01. Go Left, Right Here!
     02. Learn West and You'll Know the Rest
     03. Clockwise Counter-clockwise
     04. Directions: Take Some, Give Some
From the series Animation DVD Collection:
     Award Winning Animated Classics - Disc 1
     European Animation - Disc 2
Canada, USA
Bullies: Violence Prevention at Elementary Schools Canada, USA
Children in Kenya: Under One Sky Canada
From the series Children of the World:
     Hong Kong
     Puerto Rico
Christmas at Wapos Bay Canada, USA
Colts to Vietnam Canada, USA
From the series Did You Ever Wonder?:
     01. Chocolate Bars
     02. Cars
     03. Airplanes
     04. Model Trains
     05. Steel & Washing Machines
     06. Conservation
     07. Television Production & Pencils
     08. Paper
     09. Combines & Cereal
Dig Hole. Build House. Canada, USA
From Grief to Action Canada, USA
From the series Heads Up!:
     01. How Do I Become an Astronaut?
     02. When Can I Go To Mars?
     03. Why Is the Sun Hot?
     04. Why Do Stars Twinkle?
     05. Where's Our Place In Space?
     06. Why Are Planets Round?
     07. How Do We Get Around In Space?
     08. Why Do Comets Have Tails?
     09. What Are Shooting Stars?
     10. Is Earth The Only World With Water?
     11. Why Do Planets Have Rings?
     12. How Cold Is Pluto?
     13. Is Anyone Out There?
From the series Heads Up! series 2:
     01. How Far Can We Go In Space?
     02. How Big Is The Earth?
     03. Is There Life On Other Worlds?
     04. What Happens When You Fall Into A Black Hole?
     05. How Does The Earth Move?
     06. Where Is The Centre Of The Universe?
     07. Do UFO's Really Exist?
     08. When Are We Going Back To The Moon?
     09. Where Do Stars Come From?
     10. How Can I Explore Space Now?
     11. When Can We take Holidays In Space?
     12. How Do You Drive A Space Robot?
     13. Do Other Planets Have Weather?
From the series Heads Up! series 3:
     01. Why Do Tornadoes Do So Much Damage?
     02. What Is A Dwarf Planet?
     03. When Will The Next Asteroid Hit The Earth?
     04. How Fast Can We Go On The Ground?
     05. How Fast Can We Go In The Air?
     06. What s Happening To The Glaciers?
     07. What Will Cars Look Like In The Future?
     08. What Causes Earthquakes?
     09.What Makes A Volcano Erupt?
     10. What s The Weather Like In Space?
     11. Do Killer Whales Really Kill?
     12. What s At The Bottom Of The Ocean?
     13. What Is The Universe Made Of?
From the series Heartbeat Away... (Series 1):
     01. Respecting Differences
     02. The Great Love
     03. Always a Smile
     04. The Real Champions
     05. Words of Silence
     06. The Real Champions
     07. Considering One's Position
     08. Sixteen all the Time
     09. Handle with Care
     10. Nothing's Useless
     11. Between a Smile and a Tear
     12. Far from the Heart Doesn’t Exist
     13. Nothing Will Change
Canada, USA
From the series Heartbeat Away... (Series 2):
     14. Being Real
     15. Listen to your Heart
     16. Where Does a Lifetime Go?
     17. So Few Words
     18. Tears of Innocence
     19. Fear of Flying
     20. Facing Yourself
     21. What Comes Around Goes Around
     22. Times Change
     23. Passion, Compassion
     24. If You Do It, Do It Well
     25. Everyday Hero
     26. When I Grow Up, I'll Return
Canada, USA
Lego Sport Champions Canada, USA
From the series Listening to Learn:
     01. Ear Ye, Ear Ye
     02. Eardrum-Hum: Exploring the Health of Hearing
     03. Ear Responsible
     04. Ear and Now
Listening to Learn DVD Canada
Little Night Music and Oooops, A Canada, USA
From the series Make Some Noise:
     01. Activism is Everywhere
     02. Fight for Change
     03. Indifference is Deadly
     04. Simple Things
     05. Dream High
     06. Beyond Our Borders
     07. Size Doesn't Matter
     08. Reinventing History
     09. Keeping it Real
     10. Break the Mould
     11. Open Spaces
     12. On the Front Line
     13. Best Of
Canada, USA
From the series Mentors (Season 1):
     01. The Genius - Albert Einstein
     02. Smart Aleck - Alexander Graham Bell
     03. Raising the Siege - Joan of Arc
     04. Lewis in Wonderland - Lewis Carroll
     05. Little Emperor - Napoleon Bonaparte
     06. Wilde Card - Oscar Wilde
     07. The Raven - Edgar Allan Poe
     08. Harriet’s Path - Harriet Tubman
     09. A Ninth of Beethoven - Beethoven
     10. A Transient Shining Trouble - Frederick Banting
     11. The Crush - Cleopatra
     12. The Presence of Saint Nick
     13. The Rescue - Daniel Boone
Canada, USA
From the series Mentors (Season 2):
     14. Her Grace Under Pressure - Queen Elizabeth I
     15. Dear Diary - Anne Frank
     16. The Truth is in Here - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
     17. The Glory Trail - Sacagawea
     18. Right Place, Right Time - Al Sherman
     19. Nothing But Net - Dr. James Naismith
     20. Father’s Day
     21. The Book of Love - Casanova
     22. Stranger in a Strange Land - Moses
     23. The Fire Ship - Black Bart
     24. Klondike Daze - Jack London
     25. Seer and Now - Nostradamus
     26. Future Tense
Canada, USA
From the series Mentors (Season 3):
     27: The Good, The Bad and the Ollie
     28: The Odd Pod
     29: Mans Best Friend
     30: Citizen Cates
     31: Experience
     32: Silent Movie
     33: Such Stuff as Dreams are Made On
     34: Work in Progress
     35: Nothing to Fear
     36: Anything You Can Do
     37: Remembrance Day
     38: The Tao of Hockey
     39: Homesick
Canada, USA
Monster’s Christmas, The Canada, USA
From the series My Hometown (Series 1):
     01. Grandma’s Chair
     02. New Kid in Town
     03. Magic Hour
     04. My Brother’s Keeper
     05. Simon’s Lottery
     06. Politics and Promises
     07. Uncle’s Birthday
     08. Three’s a Crowd
     09. The Trade
     10. Midnight Bowling
     12. Haunted History
     13. Simon’s Run
     Life Lessons
     15. Mr. Potter at School
     16. Santa’s Bond
     17. Under My Skin
     18. The Party’s Over
     19. He’s My Brother
     20. Rock Challenge
     21. Follow Your Bliss
     22. Have a Good Time
     23. Moped Blues
     24. Crossroads
     25. Take a Long Look
     26. Give the Guy a Chance
     27. Healing Dreams
     28. The Big Choice
     29. A Place to Belong
     30. No Time to Lose
     31. Friends Grow Up
     32. Young Hearts
     33. Also Known As
     34. Cherish the Gift
     35. Pride in a Prism
     36. Secrets of the Heart
     37. Running from Love
     38. I’ll Recognize You
     39. Because I Do Things
Canada, USA
From the series My Hometown (Series 2):
     14. Unforgettable
Canada, USA
From the series Naturally Nature:
     01. Dirt: Nature’s Sandbox
     02. Trees: Nature’s Coolers
     03. Ponds: Nature’s Aquarium
     04. Clouds: Nature’s Sprinklers
Nearly No Christmas Canada, USA
From the series On the Farm:
     On the Farm: 01. Summer on the Farm 1
     On the Farm: 02. Summer on the Farm 2
     On the Farm: 03. Winter on the Farm
     On the Farm: 04. Problem Solving on the Farm
     On the Farm: 05. Everyday is Earth Day on the Farm
Canada, USA
From the series Paleo World DVD:
     DVD 1: Tracing Human Origins
     DVD 2: Movers and Shakers
     DVD 3: In the Air
     DVD 4: Predators
     DVD 5: The Paleontologist
From the series Paleo World: The Paleontologist:
     Amber Hunters
     Dino Doctors
     Dinos in the Air
     Flesh on the Bone
     Flight of the Pterosaurs
     Land that Time Forgot, The
     Mistaken Identity
     Mysteries of Extinction
     Treasure Island
Penknife: The Secret of Friendship, The Canada, USA
Race, The Canada, USA
From the series Shakespeare - The Animated Tales on DVD:
     Hamlet, Julius Caesar, King Richard III
     Macbeth, The Taming of the Shrew, Twelfth Night
     Romeo & Juliet, Othello, The Winter's Tale
     The Tempest, A Midsummer Night's Dream, As You Like It
Sorcerer’s Apprentice, The: A Musical Odyssey Canada, USA
From the series Stories from the Seventh Fire:
     Autumn: Legend of the First Thanksgiving
Canada, USA
Teeny Tiny Woman Canada, USA
From the series You, Me, and the Kids, the Teen Years (DVD):
     Gender Issues and Teen Relationships
     Life Skills
     Self Worth
     Substance Abuse
Canada, USA
From the series You, Me, and the Kids: The Preteen Years (DVD):
     Life Challenges
     You and the World
Canada, USA