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Title Country Available
My Own Private Lower Post Canada, USA
Call Me Average Canada, USA
From the series Adventures in Parenting (DVD):
     Adventures in Parenting: 01. Parents are People Too
     Adventures in Parenting: 02. Your Childs Behaviour
     Adventures in Parenting: 03. Your Childs Body
     Adventures in Parenting: 04. Your Childs Mind
     Adventures in Parenting: 05. Your Childs Safety
Canada, USA
From the series Childhood (DVD):
     DVD 1: 1.Great Expectations
     DVD 2: 2. Louder Than Words 3. Love's Labors
     DVD 3: 4. In the Land of the Giants 5. Life's Lessons
     DVD 4: 6. Among Equals 7. The House of Tomorrow
Discovery of Dawn, The Canada
From Grief to Action Canada, USA
Glass Children: Native and Non-Native Women Speak on Child Rearing Canada, USA
From the series Healing and the Mind:
     DVD 1
     DVD 2
     DVD 3
Honour of All, The on DVD Canada, USA
From the series Honour of All:
     Honour of All, The: Part I
     Honour of All, The: Part II
     Honour of All, The: Part III
Canada, USA
I Wanna Be Adored Canada, USA
Innocent Tricks Canada, USA
Joseph Giunta: A Silent Triumph Canada, USA
Joseph Giunta: Un Triomphe Silencieux Canada, USA
Learning American Sign Language Canada, USA
From the series Listening to Learn:
     01. Ear Ye, Ear Ye
     02. Eardrum-Hum: Exploring the Health of Hearing
     03. Ear Responsible
     04. Ear and Now
Listening to Learn DVD Canada
From the series Miywayawin, Season One:
     Miywayawin, Season 1, DVD 1
     Miywayawin, Season 1, DVD 2
     Miywayawin, Season 1, DVD 3
Canada, USA
From the series Miywayawin, Season Two:
     Miywayawin, Season 2, DVD 1
     Miywayawin, Season 2, DVD 2
     Miywayawin, Season 2, DVD 3
     Miywayawin, Season 2, DVD 4
Canada, USA
Protection Canada, USA
Sheldon: A Story of Human Courage Canada, USA
From the series Skin Deep:
     Bilateral Artificial Eye Fitting
     Bow Correction & Leg Extensions
     Cleft Palate Reconstruction
     Double Mastectomy and Breast Reconstruction
     Endoscopic Laser Resurfacing
     Eyelid Surgery
     Hand Reconstruction
     Jaw Reconstruction / Male Breast Reduction
     Laser Resurfacing / Acupuncture
     Scalp Reconstruction
Canada, USA
Smarter Than the Rest of Us Canada, USA
From the series Sweetness in Life: An Aboriginal Diabetes Series:
     Disc 1
     Disc 2
     Disc 3
     Disc 4
Canada, USA
V6A 1N6 Canada, USA