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Title Country Available
Sounds Like a Revolution Canada, USA
Sounds Like a Revolution: Director's Cut Canada, USA
Across The Atlantic Canada, USA
At The Green Line Canada, USA
Peacing it Together Canada
Victims of Victims: Fire and Water Canada, USA
Vy's Vietnam Canada, USA
After the Cloud Lifted: Hiroshimas Stories of Recovery Canada
From the series America: Discovery to Revolution:
     American Revolution, The
     Dutch Frontier, The
     French Frontier, The
     Pilgrim Frontier, The
     Puritans - The English Frontier
     Spanish Frontier, The
Anne Frank: Just a Diary Canada, USA
Army of One Canada, USA
Army of One (Director's Cut) Canada, USA
From the series Burt Wolf: What We Eat:
     DVD 1: What We Eat: Old World Influence
     DVD 2: African Influence
     DVD 3: Native North American Influence
     DVD 4: Spanish Influence and Overview
By Dawn's Early Light: Pearl Harbor's Stories of Recovery Canada
From the series Chinese Restaurants: Stories From A Diaspora:
     DVD 1: Song of the Exile
     DVD 2: On the Islands
     DVD 3: Three Continents
     DVD 4: Latin Passions
     DVD 5: Beyond Frontiers
Canada, USA
From the series Complete DVD History of U.S Wars, The: 1700-2004:
     U.S Wars DVD No. 1
     U.S. Wars DVD No. 2
     U.S. Wars DVD No. 3
     U.S. Wars DVD No. 4
Facing Arthur Canada, USA
Forced March to Freedom Canada, USA
George Cohon: To Russia with Fries Canada, USA
From the series History of India:
     History of India (Part 1)
     History of India (Part 2): Indus Valley Civilization
     History of India (Part 3): The Taj Mahal
From the series History's Turning Points I DVD:
     DVD 1 (Battle of Salamis, The Great Wall of China)
     DVD 2 (Battle of Actium, Conquest of Spain)
     DVD 3 (Black Death, Siege of Constantinople, Conquest of the Incas)
     DVD 4 (Marriage of Pocahontas, Battle for Canada, Zulus at War)
     DVD 5 (Battle of Tsushirma, Russian Revolution, Atomic Bomb)
From the series History's Turning Points II DVD:
     DVD 1 (The Plot to Kill Hitler, Revolution in Paris)
     DVD 3 (The Rise of the Mob, The Shot that Started the Great War, The Spanish Armada)
     DVD 4 (The Incredible March, The Battle of Britain, The First Flight)
     DVD 5 (Napoleon Invades Russia, Crisis in Korea, The Battle for Vietnam)
Home to Tibet Canada, USA
Russia on the Run Canada, USA
From the series Secrets Of Archaeology:
     A Place Called Etruria
     Ancient Cities Bordering On Latium
     Ancient Itinerary In Ionia
     At The Court Of The King Of Kings
     Athens: Western Splendor
     Cities Of The Sea And Wind
     Egypt According To Cleopatra
     Glorious Rome, Capital Of An Empire
     Greek Cities In Italy
     Greek Legacy In The West (Sicily)
     Pompeii: A City Rediscovered
     Pyramids Designed For An Eternity
     Retracing The Tracks Of Hannibal
     Roman Imprint On The West
     Sailing With The Phoenicians
     Secrets Of The Island Of Minos
     The Cities Of Pharaohs
     The Civilizations Of Heroes (The Mycenaeans)
     The Fabulous Centers Of Hellenism
     The Forgotten Civilizations on Anatolia
     The Lost Cities Of The Maya
     The Ports Of The Desert
     The Pyramids Of The Sun
     The Roads To El Dorado
     The Roman Empire In Africa
     Travels Through Greece
     Visit The Sanctuaries Of Apollo
Shadows of War Canada, USA
From the series Slavery and the Making of America:
     01. The Downward Spiral
     02. Liberty in the Air
     03. Seeds of Destruction
     04. The Challenge of Freedom
From the series Turning Points in Physical Science:
     01.: 1300 - 1819
     02.: 1820 - 1845
     03.: 1846 - 1902
     04.: 1903 - 1928
     05.: 1929 - 2004
Where Time Begins... Canada, USA