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Billion-Dollar Crees Canada, USA
Brocket 99 - Rockin' the Country Canada, USA
Canada's Metis: Forgotten, But Not Lost Canada, USA
Canada's Newest Territory Canada, USA
Canadian Art Celebration Canada, USA
Fur Trade, The: Dying Tradition or Modern Revival? Canada, USA
Golden Bridge, The Canada, USA
I Am The Canadian Delegate Canada, USA
Ice Breaker Canada, USA
Indian Enough?: The New Caste System of the Future Canada, USA
M Word, The Canada, USA
New Age for Nunavut, A Canada, USA
Northwest Mounted Police, The: The Great March Canada, USA
Political Playwright, The Canada, USA
Raven Tales: How Raven Stole the Sun Canada
Raven Tales: Raven And The First People Canada, USA
Two Winters: Tales from Above the Earth Canada, USA
Understanding Canadian Government USA
Young and Metis Canada, USA
Canada s Butterfly: Maria Pellegrini Canada, USA
Canada's Two Cents Worth: The Story of Vitiman A Canada, USA
Chow Dong Hoy: Portraits from the Frontier Canada, USA
Fallen Hero: the Tommy Prince Story Canada, USA
Forced March to Freedom Canada, USA
Island of Shadows Canada, USA
Marie-Anne Canada, USA
Momiji: Japanese Maple Canada, USA
Mordecai Canada, USA
Mounties, The: Tall Boots to Fill Canada, USA
Murder in Normandy Canada, USA
Muskox Patrol, The Canada, USA
On Wings and Dreams Canada, USA
Prairie Fire: The Winnipeg General Strike of 1919 Canada, USA
Preston Manning Canada, USA
Star Spangled Canadians Canada, USA
From the series Venturing Forth - Series 1:
     01. Aboriginal Economies: History of Aboriginal Economy in Canada (Profile: Tri-Corp)
     02. Agriculture: Iroquois Cranberry Growers and Inkameep Vinyards
     03. Northwest Territories Special: Acho Dene Koe, Deton'Cho Diamonds and Nats'enelu
     04. Partnerships, Corporations, and First Nations Communities: Corridor Pipeline, INAC Bella Bella Back Office and Takaya Developments
     05. Metis Business: Doug Golosky, Chantelle Christiansen and Sid McDougall
     06. Women in Business: Shirley Dunning, Leanne Joe and Diane Poirier
     07. Youth & Business: Haida Guitars, B&B Couple and Saskatchewan Acupuncturist
     08. High Tech Tourism and Forestry: Donna Cona, Yukon Soapberry Stories and Dolly Watts
     09. Human Resources & Training: BC FN Employment and Enterprise Centre and AWPI
     10. Aboriginal Leaders in Business: Dave Tuccaro, Elaine Cowan and Albert Rock
     11. Quebec Special: Ouje-Bougoumou, Air Creebec and Linda & Gary's Trucking
     12. Nunavut Special: Various Business Throughout Nunavut
     13. Changing the Landscape: Beesum Communications and Highlights from Season One
Canada, USA
From the series Venturing Forth - Series 2:
     01. Overview: Employment & Training and Osoyoos Indian Band
     02. Forestry: Eel Ground First Nation, Homalco First Nation and Blind River
     03. Youth: Tina House, Cree-Tech and Brent Mazlow
     04. Partnerships: Milbrook Power Centre, Denendeh Development Corporation and Sun Rivers Development
     05. Women: Wickaninnish Gallery, Whitefeather and Ucluelet Baker
     06. Diverse: Sixdion, Squamish Nation and Bird Feeders
     07. Arts and Entertainment: Iroqrafts, Don Burnstick and White Mountain Academy
     08. Leaders: Dorothy Grant and Richard Krentz
     09. Natural Resources: Eagle's Nest Log Homes, Waswanipi Mill and Shehtah Drilling
     10. Atlantic Canada: Membertou First Nation, Wagmatcook First Nation and St. Mary's
     11. Trades and Training: Creeway Gas Bar, Six Nations Training and UBC Musqueam Traditional Cooking
     12. Organizations
     13. Wrap up/Summation: Aboriginal Times, Brenco Media and Highlights from Season Two
Canada, USA
From the series Venturing Forth - Series 3:
     01. Reclaiming Economies
     02. NWT Pipeline Payback
     03. Billion-Dollar Crees
     04. Young Achievers
     05. Voisey's Pay: Is the Nickel Worth a Dime?
     06. Canada's Newest Territory
     07. Atlantic Resources - Prospecting for the Future
     08. Urban Path
     09. Fur Trade, The: Dying Tradition or Modern Revival?
     10. Yukon Gold: Shining Success or Tarnished Ideal?
     11. Women in Business: From Caregivers to Entrepreneurs
     12. Canada's Metis: Forgotten, But Not Lost
     13. Aboriginal International: Local Roots, Global Reach
Canada, USA
From the series Venturing Forth - Series 4:
     01. Leaders and Heroes
     02. Follow the Leader: Youth in Politics
     03. Indian Enough?: The New Caste System of the Future
     04. Artsy, But Not Fartsy: The Business of the Arts
     05. Looking for a Sustainable Future
     06. A Rich Inheritance
     07. Between Two Worlds
     08. We Want You: Native Gang Culture
     09. A New Age for Nunavut
     10. Young and Metis
     11. From ABC's to PhD's
     12. The Road to Health
     13. Different Choices for a Different Generation
Canada, USA
From the series Venturing Forth - Series 5:
     01. Women in Natural Resources
     02. Forestry and Aboriginal Communities
     03. The New Reality...
     04. Tourism
     05. Oil Sands
     06. Youth in Natural Resources
     07. Oil and Gas
     08. Green Energy and First Nations
     09. Successes in Training
     10. Fishing for Profits
     11. Pipeline Opportunities
     12. Partnerships
     13. The Future
Canada, USA
From the series Venturing Forth - Series 6:
     01. Employment and Community Development in First Nations
     02. The Ahousaht Story: Healing the Past, Creating a Future
     03. Aboriginal Women: Three Journeys of Hope
     04. Métis Role Models: Culture Meets Business
     05. Aboriginal Culture: Engaging the World
     06. Urbanization and First Nations
     07. Reserves: Open for Big Business
     08. Maintaining Success
     09. Health and Wellness: Three Aboriginal Profiles
     10. Careers: Young Dreams to Solid Ground
     11. The Olympics and First Nations
     12. Native Economic Development in Saskatchewan
     13. Practical Mentors: Skills and Training Coaches
Canada, USA
Why Shoot the Teacher? Canada, USA