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Slavery And The Making Of America

Slavery and the Making of America is a landmark, four-part series that examines the history of slavery in the United States and the integral role it played in shaping the new country’s development.
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Shields Stories

The Shields Stories brings together some of the best and brightest Canadian artists to showcase a collection of short stories by Man Booker and Pulitzer Prize winning author, Carol Shields.
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Great Warming
The Great Warming is the most factually accurate presentation of current scientific theories and is a visually stunning production about a complex and fascinating subject.
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Two Winters
Two Winters: Tales From Above The Earth, depicts the struggle of a pre-contact First Nations family when the animals changed their migratory routes and the sun was obscured by clouds of ashes.
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Atwood Stories
Based on the short stories by Margaret Atwood, paired with award-winning directors, this is an exploration of the themes contained in Atwood’s work.
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Vanishing Ice
The Vanishing Ice explores the function of our glaciers, giving a regional, national and international picture of fresh water supplies.
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