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Corporate Vitae

Filmwest Associates has been producing and distributing motion pictures since 1971. As well as producing its own films, Filmwest has coordinated Western Canadian productions for CBS Sports, ABC -TV, BBC -TV, NHK - TV,The Australian Film Commission as well as several Canadian, U.S., Australian and Japanese production companies.

The President of Filmwest, George Christoff, is past President of the Alberta Motion Picture Industry Association (A.M.P.I.A.) , a past member of the Board of Directors of the Alberta Motion Picture Development Corporation ( A.M.P.D.C.); the Advisory Committee of the Alberta Film & Video Arts Fund (A.F.V.A.) and the Advisory Board of the Government of Canada D.S.S. Non-Theatrical Film Fund in Ottawa. Both George and Merrie Christoff have served on numerous panels, committees and juries regarding film and video production at the regional, national and international level.

As an executive producer, Mr. Christoff has privately raised production funds for numerous motion pictures and has creatively worked with and contributed to the development of many talented film industry professionals in Western Canada. Merrie and George Christoff have been selling directly to the television, educational and library market in North America for over 30 years. Filmwest stopped production and moved its head office from Edmonton to Kelowna, B.C. on August 1, 1991.

Filmwest Associates markets Filmwest material as well as other titles to television, home video and non-theatrical educational markets in Canada and the United States. Filmwest's non-theatrical / educational client list itself holds over 5,000 clients.

Filmwest Distribution represents in Canada and the United States the products of the New Zealand Film Commission & Film Unit, Force Four Productions, Jean Mercier Films, Omni Film Production, Gibson Film Group, O.R. (Austrian Television), the Netherlands Film Institute, NOS, the British Film Institute, Paperny Film Productions, D.R.(Danish Television), A.C.A.T.P. (French Academy), National Film Board of Canada (US) and Lego Publishing amongst many others for the non-theatrical educational market.

President: Mr. George Christoff  
Vice President, General Manager: Mrs. Merrie Christoff  
Corporate Solicitors:

Linda Callaghan
Callaghan, Brown & Co., Edmonton

Mr. W. Chimarusti
Chimarusti & Partners, Carson City

Accountants: Carlson & Company
Ms Cheryl Dugas
Maciel & Company
Mr. J. Maciel

Province of Alberta Treasury Branch
Hy's Centre Branch, Edmonton

Hong Kong Bank of Canada
Kelowna Main Branch

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